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Welcome to the NSS Western Regional 2015

This wiki contains information the 2015 Western Regional, taking place in 29 Palms,CA. This Wiki is maintained by the DDT Grotto.

News Updates:
10.8.2015 We've added a Cave Survey Workshop to the Schedule for Saturday!
10.7.2015 The Meal Plan is on-line. Please let us know if you want to change your mind and sign up!
10.6.2015 We are 4 days away from the regional! Pre-registration ends Thursday night. Get signed up now! before the price goes up to $30!
10.4.2015 The big tent is up, the Cave in a box is assembled, and we are ready! The Hands-on cave gating workshop has been confirmed.
9.12.2015 Work party was a success! The pool is up and running, the mine car display is done, and we cast up a 1,000lb block of concrete for the drilling contest!


This is a gathering of cavers, for cavers. It is primarily hosted for the benefit of grotto members in the Western Region of the NSS, but cavers from everywhere are welcome.


October 9-11, 2015


DDT World HQ, Twentynine Palms, CA


Admission (over 12 years of age): $20 per person
On-site registration will be available from Friday on, but the cost goes up to $30 per person

  • Children 12 and under receive FREE admission.

Meal Plan: Add $25 per person

  • Meals include reception and dinner Friday night, Breakfast/lunch/dinner on Saturday, and a light breakfast on Sunday. Vegetarian options will be available at all meals.
  • Please see the Meal Plan for details.
  • If your child under 12 will be eating with us, we'll have a donation box available. You can contribute whatever you feel is fair.

Web Sign-up (Credit Card/Paypal)

Sign up now!

  • Note: A $0.99/ticket fee and 3.5% charge (total of $1.69/ticket without meals or $2.56/ticket with meals) is added to cover credit card processing..

Mail-in Signup

Download Sign-up form (PDF)
Download Sign-up form (RTF)


Gather up your caving friends and fuel up your Toyota pickups and Subarus with 400,000 miles. The 2015 Western Regional is coming up!

Ten years ago, the Desert Dog Grotto hosted the regional. This years promises to be bigger, better and full of more things to do. The Event will officially take place over the weekend of October 9-11th. We are also planning pre and post-con trips for those wanting stay longer. On-site camping will be open starting on Monday, October 5th will stay open until the following Friday, October 16th. This is a good opportunity to stay and go climbing or see Joshua Tree National Park with the family. The Location is the same as our previous event. Known as the Desert Dogs World headquarters, the site is located 5 miles from the Indian Cove entrance to Joshua Tree National Park.
We hope to have several caving trips available, as well as a guided off road tour of the local historic mining area. Additionally, Off Roading, Hiking, Climbing, Historic Tours, caving related presentations, and more.
Please check back soon for pre-registration and final details. See you there!


The final Schedule is on-line. Please check frequently for updates.
The [Meal Plan] is also on-line.


  • Climbing in Joshua Tree - We need leaders for beginner/intermediate climbing outings.
  • Joshua Tree Caves - There are natural caves less than 10 miles from the site. Bring your gear!
  • Old Dale Mining District - There will likely be a 4WD caravan organized to go see the mines of the famous Old Dale Gold mining district.
  • Cave of the Winding Stair Trip - If we are able to secure permits, there will definitely be a CWS trip. This is a fantastic vertical cave.
  • Rattlesnake Canyon Hike - Enjoy a nice, family-friendly hike with lots of boulder scrambling just a few miles from the venue

Workshops and Lectures

  • Hands-on cave gating workshop: Learn how to build a bat-friendly BCI gate system with this hands-on demo
  • Presentation by San Bernardino Sheriff's Cave & Technical Rescue Team

Activities and Contests

We have a variety of fun events planned this year. Here is an overview

  • NSS Western Region Annual Business Meeting - This promises to be action-packed and fun! Bring your copy of Roberts Rules of Order and have a blast proposing motions and taking care of the budget for another year.
  • Miner's Drilling Contest - Unleash your inner John Henry. You get 5 minutes, one set of traditional drill steels and a 4lb hammer. The goal is to bash a 3/4" hole as deep as you can into a 1,000lb block of solid concrete, just like they did in the 1800s. Details and contest rules are at the Miner's Drilling Contest page.
  • Caver Home Brew Contest - Bring your favorite batch of homemade hooch, and let ye be judged by other cavers. There will be categories for beers and ciders, as well as creative labels.
  • Cave in a box - By popular demand, the cave-in-a-box will be back!
  • Radioactive Treasure Hunt - This event will also be returning. Use Geiger counters and other instruments to dig for fossils and Uranium ore samples buried in a sand box. This is fun for the whole nuclear family!
  • Sleeping bag relay - Originally discovered at OTR, the sleeping bag relay is a challenge for cavers to change clothes in a sleeping bag as quickly as possibly without exposing themselves, like you might do on the side of the road. There will be individual and couple's categories.
  • Swimming, hot tub, general lounging - The pool and hot tub will be heated, and there will be ample chairs and lounging opportunities between activities.

How can I help?

To make this a success, we will need help from volunteers! If you would like lead a trip, help with the food and clean-up, or run a contest, please contact us.


  • E-mail: info @ desertdogs.org
  • Phone: (909) 979-1017